One of the most fascinating things in the world is to watch how intellectuals — those whose work consists purely of spreading their ideas through the pen — always feel that they are intellectually and morally superior to everyone else, and can therefore tell anyone how to do their jobs. Even when the intellectual has no idea what that job really involves, and has no experience whatsoever in practically doing such a difficult job, they always feel they would be better at it because of their superior moral and intellectual capacity. For example, just last month when some FBI agents….

Why Americans Rejected the “Second Generation” Rights.

(This paper was submitted to the President of Zambia, Levy P. Mwanawasa in 2007, at the height of the controversial Constitutional review debate. Mr. Mwanawasa subsequently took a position against inclusion of “Second Generation Rights” in the Constitution.) After publishing my series of internet articles on “the Zambian Constitutional Debate,” in which I theorized that the root of the contentious constitutional debate is simply a matter of ideology (specifically Marxist ideology) trying to stealthily impose itself on a nation [Chisala, 2007], I was curious to see if someone else had already noticed this scheme. You always get more confidence that….

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Can Government Innovate? Part 2

Government officers and executives have to take personal pride in finding solutions to problems just the same way as corporate executives should feel pride when they solve market or operational problems strictly through hard thinking. Even if there is no market incentive in government, the incentive of simply becoming more efficient at exercising one’s brain should inspire someone to think hard about cracking the problems faced by their institutions, no matter what kind it is. Humans are simply designed to derive the highest satisfaction and pleasure from this process, perhaps because they are the only animal with a thinking capacity…..


Can Government Innovate? Part 1

Innovation in public services is just as important as innovation in private companies. When civil servants and top officials in government departments, agencies and ministries are not innovative, the effect is felt not only by businesses but by everyone else in the country. For example, if the police force became more effective, through innovation, the entire society would simply benefit. An effective and efficient police force not only makes the public feel safer, but it even makes a country more attractive to foreigners and foreign investors, and this has too many advantages as we all know. Unfortunately innovations are not….

Steve Jobs Presents future Apple Building

In this video, you can see how Steve Jobs is really the ultimate innovator – everything has to be different (superior and spectacular), not just the products, but even the building that houses the company. How close are we to this kind of thinking? Steve Jobs speaks to Cupertino City Council about Apple Campus plans

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Winning in the Workplace

This is an excerpt from the Chapter, ‘Winning in the Workplace’ (unedited) from my-soon-to-be launched book, ‘Achievement Values for Young Adults – Creating self-motivated carriers of change in a competitive world.’ ……Self assessment also demands that you ask yourself where you come from. This refers to circumstances that may have influenced the way you think. Young people who come from poorer families have priorities and interests that are a little different from those who are from wealthier families. The circumstances of poverty in my upbringing have largely contributed to the way I think (especially in my desire to help many….

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Can Africans Innovate? Part 3

Organizations should be born in innovation and should be run in innovation if they are to be continuously effective and create a lasting impact on society. The founder must start with an innovative, distinctive idea, and the team must also be innovative in all their operations, no matter what they are doing. As we have seen, the status quo in Africa is just to follow others blindly. There is little shame in just copying the next person without the least bit of effort in thought or self-differentiation. Most people do not realize that this really is a confession that they….


Can Africans Innovate? Part 2

The Wikipedia entry on entrepreneurship says: Entrepreneurship is the act of being an entrepreneur, which can be defined as “one who undertakes innovations, finance and business acumen in an effort to transform innovations into economic goods.” Although innovation is an essential part of true entrepreneurship, it is not just founders of businesses who should be innovative. Every leader and executive within an organization (whether for business or not) must be innovative if they want the organization to be very effective. If they are satisfied with just being average, then of course they should just do what the average is doing: they should….

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Why are we still behind?

Q: What do you think is culturally the MAIN reason that Africa has been so slow to catch up with the rest of the world economically? A: I am afraid I find the premise of the question a little naïve. In the first place Africa is not a single country and certainly does not have a single culture. Africa is indeed a construct of the West. The reality is that the continent has 54 countries and at least 800 cultures. These countries are in different economic and historic circumstances. For example, Ethiopia adopted Christianity as a state religion in the….

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Why is Africa behind the rest of the world economically?

The interesting thing about all this is that Sub-Saharan Africa is slowly moving away from discussing ideologies and economic theories to practical issues of creating wealth at personal level. For many years, we have been asking questions about why the African continent is not as successful as countries in the North. Up to this day, answers are still mottled. Some analysts believe African poverty is in its history. Slavery that occurred up to the 19th Century stripped Africa of its resources. Another argument points to colonialism as responsible for growing levels of poverty across the continent. Colonialism is believed to….